membership terms & conditions

"Play With Respect, Win With Grace"

Membership Terms & Conditions

Expected member behaviour

      1. The club welcomes new members to play and improve their padel game with courteous and sporting behaviour which includes, but is not limited to:
        1. Polite and respectful behaviour on and off court to other players, members, club owners, staff, helpers and the staff and customers of surrounding businesses.
        2. Care of club property and the property of the surrounding urbanisation / areas / businesses.
        3. Constructive feedback is welcome if there are any issues with the club. Remember, our club motto is ‘Play with respect, Win with grace‘.

Membership can be refused or terminated

    1. The club reserves the right to refuse membership, refuse renewal of membership, dismiss a member with immediate effect, if that person shows any of the following tendencies:
      1. excessive or constant swearing/bad language whilst playing on court or watching as a spectator, either aimed at another player or member or just in general within the vicinity,
      2. damaging club or tennis or bar/restaurant property,
      3. demonstrating unsporting behaviour – remember ‘Play with respect, Win with grace‘,
      4. bullying or disruptive behaviour, verbal and/or physical,
      5. being unpleasant to club owners, employees, fellow members or bar/restaurant owners or staff,
      6. slanderous and/or negative comments about the club, club owners, club employees or members including comments made on social media.
    2. Depending on the severity of the circumstances, refusal of membership or instant dismissal may lead to an indefinite ban.

Court booking discounts

    1. A member can book a court at a discounted rate, currently 14 €, where as the non-member rate is 18 €. In this instance at least one club member must be playing on the booked court in order for the discount to be applied.