"Play With Respect, Win With Grace"

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NCBPC is a member-only club.

NCBPC offers 3 types of membership. Each level has differing levels of benefits, allowing you to choose the right level for you, depending on your frequency of play, your training regime and your involvement in competitions.

Daily membership is only valid for the day and time that you booked the court.

Quarterly membership is per quarter, valid for a consecutive 3-month period from the date you join.

Annual membership is per year, valid for a 12-month period from the date you join.

Membership terms and conditions

Before you buy, please review our club membership terms and conditions. We want all members to have a positive and caring attitude, whether they win or lose. We all have our off-days but, notwithstanding, our motto is Play with respect, Win with grace.

Easy payment terms

If you do not want to pay the whole membership fee upfront the club offers monthly and quarterly payment options on some memberships. To use this facility, please join the club through any member of the staff. As well as signing you up they will give you the club bank details because you will need to set up a direct debit with your bank.

You cannot apply for or renew membership online if you want to pay your annual membership fee on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Membership levels

Here is the outline of the 3 membership levels. Pick the one that is best for you! …

You can compare the benefits at a glance on the membership type comparison table.


Daily membership is intended for players that are an infrequent visitor to the club. Daily members pay a slightly higher court hire fee and that extra fee is the daily membership fee.
4€ is included in the court fee


A version of Annual membership valid for 3 consecutive months. Quarterly members receive a 4€ discount on court hire, can enter club tournaments and are included in the WhatsApp™ groups. Ideal for those with a holiday home that visit for 90 days at a time and for guests wishing to play padel while on holiday in the region.
10€ per quarter
(consecutive 3‑months)


Annual membership is valid for 12 consequtive months from the date of purchase. Members receive a 4€ discount on court hire, 1€ discount for Fun Padel, can enter club tournaments, and are included in the WhatsApp™ group invitations to play with other members of similar playing level.
30€ per annum
10€ per quarter

Interested? … Join Now!

You first need to login/register on the website before you can join. Then you can go to the Become a Member page where you add the membership level you want to your shopping basket.


Now the UK is no longer in the EU, some payment mechanisms, such as REVOLUT, as well as some Spanish banks, are charging 18€ for each transfer from the UK. So, if you are in the UK and cannot pay the club from a Spanish bank (your Spanish bank to our Spanish bank), then please contact Gary ( to make alternative arrangements or add the 18€ surcharge to your membership fee.

If you are unsure, please do not pay the club from the UK. Losing 18€ from a 30€ membership fee does not make business sense!

Thank you